There are many people who still choose to use Windows as their operating system compared to the much progressive iOS that runs on an Apple machine. This is often due to the user-friendliness that comes along with using a Windows operating system. Having MS office or Microsoft Office installed on your computer would be essential for many activities that you perform. This can be irrelevant to you having to use the computer for home needs or work. In case you have issues installing MS office you can always choose to call the Microsoft help phone number.

Common installation issues with MS office

You can be faced with a variety of issues when you choose to install MS office on a computer. Some of the common issues that people face are listed below:
• Compatibility issues
• Network issues
• Corrupted/damaged system files
• Installation hangs at a specific completion percentage
Although there are common fixes for these issues people often choose to call the Microsoft help phone number for assistance.

Fixes for the issues mentioned with Microsoft help phone number

Compatibility issues: This issue can usually come up when your operating system configuration does not match the basic requirement to have a specific version of MS Office installed. You can either choose to upgrade your system or find a version of MS Office that is compatible with your OS.

Network issues: This issue commonly occurs when you try to activate your MS office product after completing the installation. To fix this you would have to ensure that your internet is connected and is working properly.

Corrupted/damaged system files: This issue can come up when the part of the installation files is missing. To fix this you can try re-downloading the installation file. In case of installing it from a CD/DVD then you ought to have them replaced with a new one.

Installation hangs at a specific completion percentage: To be able to fix this issue you would have to cancel the installation and restart y our computer. Sometimes, you may also be required to remove the existing installation files and restart before trying again.

With these common fixes, you would be able to have the installation of MS office installed without any problems. In case you have issues that are complex and cannot be addressed with the provided fixes then you should consider calling the Microsoft help phone number.

Any answering agent who from the technical team can help you to overcome the problems that you are faced with the installation. With the Microsoft help phone number, you would also be assisted for any other genuine Microsoft applications as well if you find trouble with them.

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